About Us

Knowledge in our known business field.


AKT is founded in 2010 by the brothers Korhan and Aslihan Ozdemir. After long years having a powerfull Professional carrier,trough AKT they start to put their knowledge in our known business fields.

They splitted the organization in to two divisions Textile and Leather.

In the Leather division,the company is distributing in Turkey , the European high quality tanneries.Besides, garment production consulting for Brands.

In the Textile division mainly as a producer of high quality shirts and textile products for high quality brands in Europe.. Design,Marketing and Distribution are all based under one roof.We offer a flexible service that sets us apart from other sourcing houses.

With this combination of strong brands,grat designs,competitive price and consistently strong reactions, AKT has the potential to make a significant impact on the international market.

Act Without Expectation. -LAO TZU
Korhan Özdemir

Professionalist in Leather.

Tunahan Özdemir

Professionalist in Textile.

Aslihan Özdemir

Professionalist in Textile.